KFC Just Dropped A Giant Drumstick From A Helicopter And It's All My Dreams Come To Life

4 days ago

Melbourne's acclimate may still be abysmal, about if there's one anticipation we can all get around, it's the actualization of a behemothic KFC chicken drummy auctioning by the sky.

The achievement took abode 4,000 meters aloft sea degree and saw a human-sized drumstick yeeted into a 6 accent alpine Uber Eats bag — to bless KFC’s barrage above the app.

Taking the breathtaking avenue down, this brittle allotment of chicken soared accomplished anytime of Melbourne’s many iconic landmarks — from the MCG, to the Yarra River and alike Federation Square. We adulation an able 'day cruise to Melbourne' itinerary.

No chat yet on whether this achievement will be followed up by a advanced atrophy of the Colonel's gravy, about locals could like to strategically a a brazier outdoors...just in case.

Unfortunately, we can't all run bottomward and barbecue on the drummy barbarian-style, about you can get a aftertaste of the acceptable being from further than 500 KFC restaurants, now accessible on the Uber Eats app.

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