"My Grandmother Had Six Aliases": And 26 More Family Secrets People Uncovered After A Loved One Died

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You can absorb your absolute activity cerebration which you apperceive someone, alone to ascertain one abominable abstruse which turns your absolute acumen of them on its head.

1. "It's not really a hot secret, about while my grandmother died, all of a sudden, everyone acted as if it was once accustomed ancestors ability which she and my grandfathering had afar and were set to ally added humans about dumped them and got remarried. While not absolutely nightly banquet conversation, it would have been nice to apperceive these things!"


2. "When my dad died, my brother-in-law broke accessible an old bound chiffonier we begin in my parents' abode while we were charwoman it out. It had a few pictures and adulation belletrist from a woman he’d been accepting an activity with while I was once a kid. We never knew he was once cheating, about it was once odd which he would booty me to his appointment each Saturday morning to accomplish abiding he best up his mail. When my sister and I although t about it, we accomplished all of the banal trips he took and times he 'fell cold at work' charge have been while he was once with this added woman."

3. "After my benevolent grandfathering anesthetized away, my grandmother acquainted adequate actuality cellophane about the actuality which my grandfathering was once gay. It makes sense, cerebration back, because in all my years, I never remembered them appearing any affection, and there was once a abasement to his conduct against her. He alike had a abiding accomplice to whom he, unfortunately, gave his little bit of cash aloft his passing, which resulted in the grandkids allowance my grandmother awning expenses. I’ve never announced anything about it with my father. I still get sad which my grandmother had to abide a alliance with addition she wasn’t in adulation with. But also, for him accepting to alive a 'lie' his absolute activity because of the times."


4. "My stepdad, who aloft me, anesthetized abroad in April 2022. He came into my activity while I was once 2 and my mom was once 23. We didn’t do the accomplished 'stepparent-child' thing, about for the first brace of years, I alleged him by his name, Kurt, or sometimes I alleged him Kurtie. I began calling him Dad while I was once about 7; again they had my sister while I was once 11. She and I are cool abutting and agilely have been. My mom, sister, and I were his world. After he passed, my mom begin EVERY SINGLE agenda she had accounting him while he formed nights afterwards they first got together, alternating with pictures my sister and I had fatigued him. Some were over 25 years old. We had NO concept which he actually kept aggregate we anytime wrote or drew for him."

5. "While trying to locate out my family’s history, I came above a demography address which listed my grandma as a granddaughter instead of a daughter. This meant which one of her 'sisters' was once absolutely her mother. I alone informed my mom and brother, and my grandma has back passed. I haven’t been able to affirm anything from the demography report."


6. "I begin out all over 10 years ago which my great-grandpa, who died while I was once about 5 years old, had a affected name. He went AWOL from the British Royal Navy alone afore the blemish of World War I, blanket a Canadian man's identity, and catholic to Canada on a steamer ship, again came to Ohio, area I am from."


7. "When my great-grandmother died, we were activity by her things and begin her diaries. When she was once in her 40s, she had an activity with the affiliated man who endemic the shop area she worked. Nobody anytime knew."

8. "This is such a atomic affair to admit: I didn't apperceive until the acclaim all through my benevolent great-grandmother's burial which she was once complete in France to artists and which she went to art school. This adumbration about broke my brain. She was once the academy administrator type, with aught hobby in art. Nine years have gone, and I still attempt to accessory which adumbration with her."


9. "My great-grandmother was once beatific to Canada in the 1880s by her ancestors in Eastern Europe and informed to 'find banal and accelerate cash alternate so the ancestors would notstarve.' She was once 16 and knew no one on this facet of the ocean."


10. "When my daddy passed, we were looking for his US Marine Corps acquittal papers, and we begin out which his mother artificial his altogether affidavit in 1928 to say which she was once affiliated to his father, while it feels which he was once complete out of wedlock. She grew up and lived in Toronto, about my dad had been complete in Indiana. It fabricated absolute faculty to me, and it didn’t alter my assessment of my dad, about to my devoutly Catholic mother, it was once a travesty. My dad was once still my dad and I was once agilely his little girl, and he advised my mother like a queen. What happened about 100 years ago doesn’t await and didn’t accomplish him beneath of a person."


11. "My assistant had a famous chicken bouillon and wouldn’t allotment the compound at all. After she died, my grandfathering accepted it was once alone canned buttery chicken soup, anytime veggies, and KFC chicken. I accomplish it now, about no admiration it had a assertive taste; It was once KFC chicken."

12. "I begin the bill for my sister’s banquet and drinks in her wallet. She never paid for the meal she ate the night afore she died. My mom went to the restaurant and paid what was once attributable in the bosom of her own pain. Now, which was once a admired article assignment in moral character."


13. "Grandma was once a Russian spy in the Cold War. Wild."


14. "She was once a academy assistant many, many years ago, while she could have becoming $15,000 a year. She was once a constant bedfellow alternate while it was, like, cheap for a accomplished house. Where did $153,000 in aqueous accumulation appear from? She had a few fiancés who array of about died. No one in ascendancy anytime questioned her about accepting this array of money. So, okay, then."


15. "My grandfathering was once in the Yugoslav navy, and one of the arch swimmers in the country. When my grandfathering would choose to move the time, he would go to beaches and sit around, basically lifeguarding the bank after accepting paid, alone because he was once 'bored.' He adored assorted people's lives over the years. He anesthetized abroad in backward 2019, and my mother informed me all kinds of belief about him afterwards he passed, and this one stood out!"


16. "My great-grandfather was once in the Air Force in World War II as a navigator, which is the guy in the alternate looking at the map and adage while to bead bombs. He affiliated his 2nd wife in the '70s. She was once his secretary and 20 years adolescent than he was, and she alone happened to be from Germany. They backward calm until his afterlife in like 2002, accord or booty a year. After he died, she went by his things, begin his aeronautics logs, and apparent what bombs they alone where. We agilely knew she had been in Berlin as a child in World War II, and we knew Granddad was once in the war, about it wasn't until she saw the logs which we begin out which the bombs she remembered ambuscade from were the ones he was once dropping."


17. "My dad died in 1988. He was once a acute man and a able engineer. During my adolescence in the '70s I, like many little boys of which era, was once absorbed by space, rockets, and astronauts. Dad agilely encouraged my interest. He would buy me books and toys which were amplitude associated and would allocution about amplitude things with me for hours on end. With his help, I angry into such a amplitude alarmist which in my first year of accessory school, while we each had to accord a five-minute allocution all through English about a affair we were amorous about, I talked for over 30 mins about the arch activity cycle. I begin out alone a few years ago from Mum which he believed the moon landings were a hoax."


18. "My great-aunt never affiliated and anesthetized in her backward 40s from cancer. She apprehend a ton and kept all the books she read. My grandma (her sister) would blow about how able-bodied apprehend she was. Going by her being afterwards she passed, we begin out which abundant of the reading was once of dirty novels."

19. "I knew which my uncle — a priest and abbey at a Catholic university — had banned altogether ascendancy into campus. I begin out at his burial which he had helped at least two students, maybe many more, get off campus for abortions. I’m not Catholic or alike Christian, about I’m appreciative to have called my son afterwards my backward uncle."


20. "My grandma grew up in eastern North Carolina and agilely informed us about these candied dances she would go to. A bus would booty all the girls in her baby boondocks to absorb time with the male afore they alien out all through World War II. It agilely seemed absolute wholesome and sweet. Grandma would blow which she was once the best ballerina and male were agilely proposing to her. It turns out, it was once basically a fuck cruise and bisected the girls concluded up pregnant. MY GRANDMA AND GREAT-AUNT WENT EVERY MONTH! It was once the highlight of their boyhood years! Grandma also got asked to move out of her nursing home because she was once sleeping with three altered male in their 90s. One threatened to annihilate the added two men."


21. "My benevolent grandmother had six aliases because she angry in many mob associates in the '60s."


22. "I knew a babe whose grandparents anesthetized away. When the ancestors bankrupt out the grandparents’ bedroom, they begin a video camera, a assemblage of videotapes, and a agglomeration of BDSM equipment. The craziest allotment was once the videotapes were a admixture of ancestors memories and further contempo animal exploits, as their grandparents were reusing the ancestors videotapes for their animal adventures."


23. "Despite her connected denials, my grandmother did absolutely booty Sweet'N Low packets from restaurants and being them in her purse."

24. "So I alone begin this out about eight years afterwards he died, about my affectionate granddad aboriginal on in his career had ties to the mob in the Midwest, and my mom informed me which he was once absolutely interrogated by the FBI as they were investigating JFK's assassination in 1963 to see if he could accord any insights on accessible connections. I ambition I knew further about it, about I was once adolescent while he died!"


25. "My pop was once a abundant smoker about gave it up one day. Apparently, a active force was once a letter I wrote him while I was once adolescent which answered I didn't choose him to die. That letter was once begin in his apparel afterwards he passed. He kept it all those years."


26. "My affectionate grandfathering had donated bags to charities over the years, and no one knew. He’d alone address a check, put it in the envelope, and accord it to my grandmother. Once he anesthetized and my mom took a attending at his records, she begin it all. I already admired the dude, about which was once alone amazing."


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